Mission Vision

Mission Vision

Mission Vision



To become a unique Spanish language center that offers a learning experience by constant contact with native speakers in their own society, and hands-on artistic and cultural exposure.



To provide international students with the opportunity to combine Spanish language courses, in an environment of complete immersion, with the experience of getting to know the Ecuadorian culture by sharing with families, working with nonprofit organizations in Quito and traveling around this beautiful country.

This unforgettable process starts when you travel to Ecuador and are welcomed at the airport. Class schedule, hosting and programs will be arranged by us. It means more than just taking foreign language classes because it forces you to concentrate on it all of the time. In addition, you are immersed in the culture and learn the Spanish language simultaneously.

At the end of your stay, the new language patterns will be stored into long term memory and your knowledge about a different culture will in turn bring an appreciation that you’ve taken the time to learn.